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For professional waste removal services, contact the experts at Grinsell Skip Hire

Who Are Grinsell’s Skip Hire?

Grinsell’s Skip Hire Ltd is a family-run business and has been established since March 1985, providing all customers, with a quality service, at competitive rates.

As an approved company you can rest assured that all legal requirements are strictly adhered to. Grinsell Skip Hire will arrange appropriate permission sought for skips requiring roadside delivery.

Why skip hire?

Unquestionably, handling rubbish alone is a big job to do on a residential or commercial scale. Finding places to dispose of rubbish is never easy. Firstly, using a smaller bin can never be enough, this is when we come to your aid. If you are a business and need a commercial skip service give us a call.  For the best possible prices for skip hire in Birmingham, Smethwick, and the West Midlands.

Our skip services are aimed at customer satisfaction and professionalism is key; take your rubbish handling solutions to the next level by calling us today. Rest assured of nothing but quality services and let us handle your waste needs.


Above all, the key to getting your job done smoothly and saving you as much money as possible, understanding your skip size. Firstly, the last thing you want to do is place an order which is too small. Because, then you will try and pack as much into the skip as possible and overload it. Often, we have customers needing to hire another because they underestimated the first one. 


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